Band Saga Kickstarter Live and Kickin

Indie developer Roger Hicks aka rekcahdam, good friend of the Playism crew, has launched the Kickstarter for his ambitious dream project: Band Saga, and we couldnt be more pumped.


Band Saga is a mixture of isometric shooting action and music sequencing. An interesting mix to say the least. Rogers Kickstarter page says it best:

Band Saga is a modern Action Roguelike where every level, enemy and item is generated by music. Furthermore, every melody and every sound is synthesized in real time as you play!

Each new area explored will unlock new sounds, items and the ability to modify and sequence them musically in Band Sagas built-in FM Sequencer reminiscent of the Sega Genesis!

Each city unlocks a pre-made soundtrack that generates the Roguelikes level design. As you progress through the world of Band Saga you will learn to modify sounds and the soundtrack itself to shape the level to your advantage and enjoyment! Advanced players will be able to design and create their own soundtrack!

The Band Saga Kickstarter is live right now, so get over there right now and help Roger make his dreams come true!