English version of SRPG Rime Berta teased

We’re constantly bursting at the seams to tell our fans about all the great stuff we’re working on, and sometimes we just can’t. It takes a lot of patience.

Then again, sometimes we just want to tease our audience. What better time to be teasing gaming fans than during E3?

For those that don’t know, that would be Josh Weatherford, Playism’s Content Acquisition Director. When he discovered during QA testing that doujin SRPG Rime Berta had twitter integration, he couldn’t help himself.

And that’s when the teasing started.

I guess the cat(girl) is out of the bag.

That’s right! We’re working on the English localization for Rime Berta, a charming doujin SRPG in the vein of Tactics Ogre and FF Tactics. Developed by Next-Soft+, Rime Berta uses detailed hand-drawn sprites and a polygonal battlefield to amazing effect. Collect “puppets”, magical warriors of all different classes that you control on the battlefield, and get their help to find the fabled Rime Berta.

We don’t have a release date ready for the title just yet, but we can’t wait to share it with all of you. Get ready, because this one is big!

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